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Balancing blood sugar levels

2 weeks program to boost your productivity, be happy and fit.

Why is it important to balance blood sugar levels?

Keeping our blood sugar levels stable during the day is not only important for people with diabetes type 1 and 2, but for everyone. Our blood sugar levels have a lot of impact on our health and well-being on the short and long run.

Almost 90% of people regularly make sugar peaks and these sugar peaks will make you eat more, make you store fat, block weight loss, make you feel tired, negatively impact your skin health and can cause cardiovasculaire decease and diabetes on the long run.


Here's how it works

You will wear a glucose sensor for two weeks that will allow you to learn how your body reacts on food and how to stabalize your blood sugar levels. In the follow up sessions I will help you interpretate the data from the sensor and to implement changes to flatten the curve.


What is included?

  • 60 minutes in take session

  • Glucose sensor

  • Two 30 minutes follow up sessions


If you sign up before 31/07/2023, you will get the glucose sensor for free (save - 75 CHF!)


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