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My mission is...
"... to empower young, busy women to be their healthiest self in a demanding world. One easy change at a time"



I am mother of a little girl and have struggled for a long time to combine a stressful job with family life and a healthy lifestyle. For a while, I wasn’t successful, which led to stomach and muscle aches and extra pounds.


In my search for a better balance, I discovered what worked for me and created a new passion for nutrition, exercise, and health. The connection between our gut and our brain (our mental well-being) is much more important than we ever thought. More and more scientific research is showing this.

In 2018, I went back to school to get an ASCA certification as a nutritionist CWM (Complementary Western Medicine). I obtained it at the end of 2020. To maintain this certification, I must also attend annual trainings. This allows me to stay up to date in a field that evolves very quickly.

I work with clients who want to achieve:

  • Sustainable weight loss

  •  A healthy relationship with food and/or themselves

  • A better work/life balance, with more room for a healthy lifestyle

  • An increase in their energy level and resistance to stress.

I do not give purely nutritional advice but look at all the relevant factors. I give you the tools to implement sustainable behavioural changes that will allow you to reach your goals.

The ASCA certification is recognized by complementary health insurance providers. Always check in advance with your health insurance provider whether they will reimburse my services.


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Nutritional advice and coaching


A healthy diet is important to get the best out of yourself. There is increasingly more scientific research that shows how our diet impacts the bacteria in our gut and how they impact our physical and mental health. My advice will always focus on adopting eating habits that influence the composition of your microbiome. The right composition will ensure you absorb and synthesize all nutrients your body needs and it will regulate your metabolism and immune system. This should not only result in a better physical state, but also a better mental state as our gut is strongly connected to our brain. A strong gut will make you less susceptible to depression, anxiety and more resilient to stress.

We will start with a kick-off session where I learn about you and where I can give you personalised advice and a plan to start adopting new habits. From there you can add coaching sessions, according to your own need and rhythm to support you through the change.



I regularly organize workshops with different themes. You can find the current offer here. You can also hire me for workshops for all kinds of occasions: conferences or employee well-being workshops. The workshops can be adapted to the audience and the logistical capacity. I can send you a quote on request.


  • Équilibre intestinal: Kéfir
    Wed, 16 Oct
    16 Oct 2019, 19:30 – 21:30
    FOODS TO BOOST, Route des Monts-de-Lavaux 3B, 1092 Belmont-sur-Lausanne, Zwitserland
    Apprenez comment votre intestin influence votre santé physique et mentale et, plus important encore, comment vous pouvez influencer ce processus en mangeant! Je mettrai un "aliment intestinal" à l'honneur: le kéfir. Prix: 50.00 CHF Payez en espèces ou par carte lors de l'événement.




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